A Revolutionary New Way to Build

Honeycomb Homes provides efficient structures that can be assembled in the shortest amount of time, resulting in lower building cost. The structures are strong and, for buildings, can be clad using a variety of different materials. Our products are based on a flexible modular building system that can be applied to building structures and adapted to a variety of purposes, such as carports with solar panel roofing, greenhouses and guest lodges, and also modular mining and construction site homes. We have established that using a combination of just three lengths of material, the sides of a right angled triangle, we can create various shapes. The design system allows for a reduction in the number of components required.


Our systems can be used to build anything from high-end double story residential homes, self-catering accommodation, schools, clinics, and mining houses, or low-end budget staff quarters and emergency shelters. Prices vary depending on the finishes and materials specified. The same three pieces can be used to build different shape and size objects. This allows us to mass manufacture three lengths of material lengths, giving us quantities of scale and thus reducing cost. This concept could be used in various sectors of commerce to build anything in a modular yet flexible nature.





Our Construction

The construction module including three elongated construction elements, which are connected to one another at opposite ends thereof, to form a triangular framework member. Honeycomb lengths can be used to build any size or shape of structure. Rectangular and square houses, warehouses, car ports, solar structures and greenhouses can all be created from the same three lengths of steel. We focus on using environmentally friendly building materials for buildings, that are easy to work with and can be recycled posing no threat to the environment. For example, for buildings (such as homes) we can use concrete, aerated concrete, canvas, fiber cement, magnesium oxide board, stone, shutter ply, thatch, together with the galvanized steel framework. All our homes/structures can be configured into any shape or design and can easily be erected and dismantled, making adding additions extremely easy and quick, as well as cost effective. Another positive feature is that all our homes can be “flat packed” and shipped across the world, yet remaining simple enough for builders to erect efficiently.



The base triangle design evolves from a hexagon. A hexagon is extremely strong – much stronger than a rectangle. Its sides equally distribute the load on any given wall due to strong wind. A common building block allows us to re-use, re-cycle. We are not limited to hexagons, adding more triangles creates rectangles and we can create any shape and size we want using multiples of the triangles and our bracket systems linking them together. This concept could be used in various sectors of commerce to build anything in a modular yet flexible nature.


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